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Funeral sermon for Sandra Russo. Our text for today is from Ecclesiastes chapter 3, and was chosen by Sandra for this sermon. I would direct your attention to the front cover of our bulletin. We focus especially on the phrases a time to be born and a time to dieas well as a time to mourn and a time to dance.

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She married her dear husband, Gary, on September 25, Sixty nine years is not that old. Sandy had so much to look forward to, by the mercy of God. Add to that is the sad reality that her husband, Gary, died already eight years ago.

In every way that we can see and feel and understand, it makes no sense, and it certainly does not seem fair. Not as we think of it, at least. There are times set aside for all things. Birth and death, mourning and rejoicing, seeking and losing, the list goes on.

One thing is for sure, though, is that Sandy was not stingy about her time. She was always giving to others, be they friends who were sick or in need, family members, her daughters, and especially her grandchildren. That was what made her tick through thick and thin. Then she got sick. Her body, once full of life in service to others, could no longer even care for itself. She wanted to care for her family, not be cared for. But that dreadful thief of time, cancer, would not be denied.

It seemed to chip away at her, letting up and them coming back with a vengeance. And of course, as any of you who have suffered through cancer well know, sometimes it seems like the so called cure is worse than the disease!

Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, pills to counteract other pills, none of us will ever truly understand how hard she fought to remain with us now.This rude interruption should have killed the mood and ruined the gig.

funeral sermon for a church member

After all, giants of the music world like Marsalis shouldn't have to put up with interruptions. You hardly could blame him if he had walked off the stage.

After a few seconds, however, Marsalis did something amazing. Without missing a beat, he picked up on the tune of the cell phone's ring and incorporated it into the song he was playing. He performed variations on it - blending it with what he'd planned to play - and then drew the whole ballad back to the original theme. The stunning result brought down the house.

Wynton Marsalis transformed a rude interruption into a moment of glory. He didn't allow an unexpected shock to stun or silence him.

Instead, he turned this setback into a comeback. That's what good musicians do. We gather today because life has been interrupted. The discordant, shrill ring of death has seemingly overcome the music and melody of life.

Phones rang around the country this past week when Bill died.

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The phone here at church has been ringing incessantly with people wanting news. Hearing and experiencing death's ring makes us angry and frustrated. We want to know who's responsible for this interruption. Death makes us wonder whether we'll ever have a "ghost of a chance" of understanding, of getting back in tune, of feeling the music once again.

But today we need to recognize that God is standing at the microphone - the God who improvises a different tune, a variation on a theme. We gather today because we recognize that somehow God, the master Musician, is able to take the ring of death and discord and turn it into life.

That's really what resurrection is about. Jesus walked out of the tomb, showing us that even death doesn't stop the music.

The song goes on, perhaps a bit differently, more improvised, more subtly beautiful, but it goes on. The death of someone close to us can force us to quit, or it can be an opportunity for improvisation - to find new ways of celebrating life amid tragedy.

In Romansthe apostle Paul put it this way: "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

No matter how hurtful, how tragic, how unfair or how out of tune we might feel, God can work variations on the theme of life within us and turn it into something beautiful. God's direction for us today is to follow his lead, to improvise, to start something new. Music never dies.

3 Elements that need to be in every funeral sermon

And because of God's promise of the Resurrection, neither do the people we care about. No tragic ring of the phone can interrupt that.

Sign in Create An Account. Home Resources Personalizing It. Sign in. Forgot your password?Scripture: Psalms Denomination: Assembly Of God. On behalf of the family of Neasha, I wish to thank each of you for being here today and though today is a very difficult day, the scriptures make this promise:. Therefore we will not fear. Even though the earth be removed, and the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though its waters roar and be troubled.

funeral sermon for a church member

Though the mountains shake with its swelling. Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution or famine, or nakedness, or peril or sword? But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Dear Heavenly Father, we gather here today to remember the life of Neasha. We also gather to say goodbye one last time and celebrate the life that she enjoyed here on earth and to thank you for each precious moment and memory that we have had with her.

Her life has touched so many in so many different ways. We pray that your peace and presence will be upon us during this time and we pray this in the name of your Son.

As we gather here this morning to celebrate and remember the dear and precious life of Neasha, I know that many of you are dealing with mixed emotions. On the one hand, there are emotions of great sadness. Sadness not for Neasha, because Neasha is in a far better place, but sadness because we have lost a dear loved one.

But on the other hand, there is great joy For the scripture says in For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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We are confident, yes, well pleased - rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.When you're dead, you're dead, and that's all there is to it - at least that's what it seems like to those who are left.

But although death seems like the end to earthly life, it isn't. To be sure, life continues with the Lord in a brand-new sphere for Joan and all God's precious children. But more remains for us here, too. What we just read from the eleventh chapter of Hebrews begins a marvelous passage known as "Faith's Hall of Fame. At the head of the long, glorious list is Abel from the fourth chapter of Genesis.

You recall the story of Cain and Abel, two children of Adam and Eve. They'd been instructed about proper worship and sacrifices. Abel followed God's instructions, but Cain didn't. The Lord called Cain to task for his failure. Cain became angry and jealous, and he killed Abel - the world's first murder. What does it say about Abel in Hebrews? Through this he received approval as righteous, God himself giving approval to his gifts; he died, but through his faith he still speaks" What a message!

Long after our tongues are silent in death, we still speak to the living. Abel and Joan both continue to speak in three ways. First, they speak of the necessity of faith. A sacrifice by definition is something costly and worthwhile, something we'd rather not part with. That's what makes it a sacrifice. Abel made his sacrifice only because he was convinced there was a God worthy of it. Abel was convinced that God deserved his reverence and service.

Joan would agree wholeheartedly. She, too, believed in a living, loving Lord, and that was evident in how she lived. As you know, Joan spent her last months in bad health, unable to participate in routine activities.

She was frustrated and no doubt angry at times. But she never lost her faith.

Church Member After Long Illness

She was never concerned that the God she loved and served wasn't worthy of that love and service. Both Joan and Abel still affirm the necessity of faith. A second thing they both still speak of is the importance of worship. Abel knew that an occasional tip of the sacrificial hat wasn't enough.

Abel took his God seriously and abided by his instructions. Abel's message is that worship has meaning and value.A pastor contacted me last week asking this question and thought there might be others asking it also. Just preach the gospel for the people who are there. This principle captures our task regardless the kind of funeral we do.

funeral sermon for a church member

Ironically, though we focus on remembering and celebrating the life of the deceased, the funeral service is ultimately for those who attend. The gospel must be preached clearly in the sermon. If there is any doubt in your mind, it is best to focus on the gospel for your hearers and resist the temptation to provide a false comfort that you have little or no basis to give. A funeral sermon should not exceed 20 minutes and should highlight these three categories, preferably expounded from a text s of Scripture:.

The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead John 11 is particularly helpful, as there seems to be a legitimate time of grieving for those present and sorrow for those who are experiencing the separation that death brings, including Jesus who wept John I often share about the time my father sat my wife and me down after we had miscarried our second child.

He exhorted us to take time to grieve over this child and instructed us how to do so. Actually, many do not want to talk about them because of the hurt felt in loss. Many pastors know that often, years later, people learn the value of this process, eventually working through the grief with some pastoral guidance.

True hope in grief cannot come apart from the hope of the gospel. To do so appropriately and effectively, you must prepare by knowing as much as you can about your hearers and also the deceased. You should assume all have come with a preconceived understanding as to how we receive eternal life.

How to Preach a Funeral for Someone You Do Not Know

For example, I officiated a funeral where 90 percent of those in attendance were devoted Roman Catholics, another dominated by Mormons, and another where no one in the building had ever stepped foot in a church.

In each case, I explained the gospel clearly, called my hearers to repent of their sins, believe upon Christ, and trust in him. Exhort them to grieve.

Donald Leonetti Funeral [Patrick Kelley Sermon]

Preach the gospel clearly and simply. Help them understand their need for Christ as death is before them. Call them to repent and believe. When you have done that, you have served them well. A veteran pastor and author of numerous books on practical aspects of pastoral ministry, Brian oversees Practical Shepherdinga gospel-driven resource center for pastors and church leaders to equip them in the practical matters of pastoral ministry.

Admissions Academics Students Alumni Give. Apply to Southern Seminary Visit the Campus. Tweet Share. A funeral sermon should not exceed 20 minutes and should highlight these three categories, preferably expounded from a text s of Scripture: 1.

Funeral Sermon For A Nominal Member Served In Final Illness

Acknowledge the need to grieve The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead John 11 is particularly helpful, as there seems to be a legitimate time of grieving for those present and sorrow for those who are experiencing the separation that death brings, including Jesus who wept John Make the hope of the gospel clearly known True hope in grief cannot come apart from the hope of the gospel.

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Best Of: The top articles on Southern Equip in Post a Comment. There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. Because of that, we have this time to lose—someone we love.

So, we cry.

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We grieve. We embrace as we comfort one another. Edna died in a good old age and full of years so this is also a time to keep and laugh over good memories. Cooking pot water warrior.

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Generous seller of candies—always a little extra something extra. I love the way her face lit up when I visited. Spoiler of grandchildren. Christmas card shark. An adventurous woman who coloured outside the lines. Occasions like this can also provide a time for peace and love, a time to search out folks from which we may have drifted away, to mend and rebuild strained relationships. This is a good day in which to do all that. Yesterday was Good Friday, the day we remember a time for a man called Jesus to die on a cross.

A dark, unjust, bloody day. A day in which all the world is in waiting, as it were, poised between death and resurrection life—which will it be? Will love lead us thru darkness as cheryl sang. Was Jesus just a deluded, quixotic man? Does it all stop on a Black, rather than Good, Friday—in darkness, hopelessness and loss. This is what Jesus said to his disciples, on a day like this, knowing what was coming and knowing that they were soon going to be going through something like we are, wondering at the mystery of death, grieving over the death of someone they loved and wondering what it all means, whether this is all there is.

funeral sermon for a church member

You trust God, now trust in me. If this were not so, I would tell you plainly. The Resurrection. Death is not all there is.Someone that the parish has never met, seen, or heard of. It happens to all clergy. This is an opportunity not to be squandered by not knowing what to do, or how to do it.

The Lord did not squander opportunities, neither should we. That someone would make such a request tends to generate assumptions in us. The deceased must have been unconverted, or unchurched, or estranged from a church. Why would they even bother with a church funeral? Do they think this will make up for a life lived without Christ? Put aside these thoughts. Chances are they will expect to be harshly judged, and a little defensive.

You can allay those fears with gentle cheer, willingness to serve, and professional demeanor. This is shameful! Of course we will bury them, and conduct the appropriate service according to the Tradition of the Church. Most of the time, it was the wish of the deceased to be buried in and by the Church.

Since we often know little else, for certain, we have a job to do. Initial assumptions about the deceased as godless, anti-church, an unbeliever possibly baptized as a child, but that was the last time they darkened the door of the Church or neglectful of their spiritual life as someone who had nothing to do with Christ may be dead wrong.

This is a child of God we are about to put in the ground. We need not cast judgment, because we just do not know. You could be burying someone of exceptional love and faith who had no way to get to the church for a long time.

Seems obvious, but in reality it is almost completely ignored in most funeral homilies! Some focus on the life of the deceased, or their faith not a bad thing, see 4 belowbut ultimately leave out the most important part of the Gospel — the Resurrection of Christ.

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